Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Day!

Welcome to Thanksgiving...Ugandan style.

Just kidding...we actually did it good ole' American style! We have all been looking forward to this day sooo much! I think we're all just a little be nostalgic about American food : ) but it was such a good day, with all of our staff and their family.

Janet, Jill, & I started off the day with making turkeys : )

Pics of our gathering...there ended up being quite a large group of us.
Semei, one of our local staff, announced that he is getting married and introduced his fiancee.
Carving the turkey...
The beginnings of the adventures of the day...
introducing King Graysen and his Queen, Janet : )
Fall Harvest tattoos! Thanks mom!
Jill matched mine : )
Paul wanted to show us his amazing talent for juggling
crazy photos...

Intern photo...awkward... : )
the group photo!
But it was a good thanksgiving! Lots of good food and great time together.

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