Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oli Otya!

Which means "how are you?" in Lugandan. Welcome to UGANDA! We finally made it to Kampala Wednesday morning after almost 18 hours of flying and two days of travel. Sorry for such a long delay posting, but the internet isn't exactly the best or most consistent here. I will update with photos soon.

But the past few days have been full of Kampala orientation including staff dinners (lots of different African foods including posho and matoke, both which are great!), and exploring the area.

Quick run through:

Uganda is beautiful:
* red clay dirt roads and concrete buildings
* green, green, green everywhere! so fertile
* beautiful people with wonderful smiles
* hundreds of matatus (bus taxis) driving in and around each other and you walking!
* fresh produce from roadside stalls

oh the many wonders that is Uganda...


Welcome to LONDON! We had a 9 hour layover in London on our way to Kampala so we went out exploring for a couple of hours. Here are some photos from the day!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Orientation Time

Welcome to The Hideaway! This is where we have been for the past week. All of the EMI interns have gathered here in Colorado Springs and spent the past week going through preparation sessions to help us prepare for our respective offices. There are around 30 interns here who are making their way to either Calgary, Canada; Costa Rica; Uganda; India, or staying here in Colorado Springs. The past week has been spent going through team building activities, small group discussions, and the like. We officially are flying out tomorrow! woo-hoo!

This is a picture of interns heading out.

(LtoR) TJ, David, Travis, Jack, Peter, me, Kyle & JangWon