Sunday, August 23, 2009

Orientation Time

Welcome to The Hideaway! This is where we have been for the past week. All of the EMI interns have gathered here in Colorado Springs and spent the past week going through preparation sessions to help us prepare for our respective offices. There are around 30 interns here who are making their way to either Calgary, Canada; Costa Rica; Uganda; India, or staying here in Colorado Springs. The past week has been spent going through team building activities, small group discussions, and the like. We officially are flying out tomorrow! woo-hoo!

This is a picture of interns heading out.

(LtoR) TJ, David, Travis, Jack, Peter, me, Kyle & JangWon


  1. Cute, you're the only girl! They will protect you :)

    Jac, I can't wait to see everything that you're doing! I will check this blog every day. No pressure, haha.

    I LOVE YOU-- praying for you!!

    -Kelly Z

  2. I wonder if it's an advantage or disadvantage to be the only girl on the team!! We are looking forward to hearing all about your time in Uganda. Praying for you! Love ya, Jeanette

  3. Besides the obvious of missing you like crazy, I am so so excited that you're off and away! I can't wait to hear about Uganda and all of your adventures. I'll be praying for you. Keep all of those boys in line! Take some good photos and write again soon....miss you!!!!!!

    Love from Virginia and all of your favorite 20somethings (:


  4. hahaha, jaclyn and SEVEN guys! what a success, chica! ha, you know i'm just giving you a hard time, but seriously, this is hilarious to me.