Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oli Otya!

Which means "how are you?" in Lugandan. Welcome to UGANDA! We finally made it to Kampala Wednesday morning after almost 18 hours of flying and two days of travel. Sorry for such a long delay posting, but the internet isn't exactly the best or most consistent here. I will update with photos soon.

But the past few days have been full of Kampala orientation including staff dinners (lots of different African foods including posho and matoke, both which are great!), and exploring the area.

Quick run through:

Uganda is beautiful:
* red clay dirt roads and concrete buildings
* green, green, green everywhere! so fertile
* beautiful people with wonderful smiles
* hundreds of matatus (bus taxis) driving in and around each other and you walking!
* fresh produce from roadside stalls

oh the many wonders that is Uganda...


  1. How exciting! I just remembered I should check on you and saw you had a couple updates, hope you're having a amazing time! We miss you here in Richmond, especially as we start up regular Bible study again. Hope you're well and keep posting :)

    Miss you!

  2. Sounds amaaaaazing. Post pictures soon! (:

    20somethings miss you tons!!!!! Stay safe!