Monday, November 23, 2009

Florence's Nursery School- Face Painting!!

I got the privilege these past couple of weeks to be able to work with a nursery school nearby. EMI allows for this sweet opportunity to volunteer up to four hours a week. Thus giving me an opportunity to spend time with these kids! Most of them are still learning English so there wasn't a lot of good communication, but there was definitely plenty of joy and fun!
The school semesters are different here and the kids had their last day of the year this previous Friday. They will be off for two months before they start up again. So it was my last day with them. I have done a variety of activities with them, mainly craft-oriented, thus for their last day we decided to do face painting!

Florence showing her artistic side : )
The kids definitely started warming up to the camera.
Me trying to show my artsy side : )

Miriam, Florence's daughter helped as well.
As did her daughter Rachel.
Katie was such a sweetheart...her and her twin sister Mary are ADORABLE :) They had the best smiles. They didn't know a lot of English so they couldn't really chat with me that much.
Josie...cutie pie.
Kathy who had that face the entire time I was painting : )
The only photo of me with the kids that wasn't blurry! You get the idea though : )
They were so happy!

It was such an amazing privilege to work with these kids.
They just made my day every Tuesday!

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