Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MTN Marathon 2009

The annual marathon here in Kampala was this past Sunday, November 22nd. I think around 18000 people ran in this years race. There were a couple of us from the office that participated in the 10k that went with it. No, I definitely did not run a marathon, but the 10k was definitely fun to do, like most races are. But lets just say running a race in Ugandan is soooo different from running a race in the states. One wave start for the 10k so at the beginning we were all just being pushed forward, it was like a mob scene, which continued to surface at the end when we were collecting our MTN water bottles. It was chaotic with everyone grabbing and pushing for their water bottles, when later on the police came and were actually clubbing people because it was becoming so rowdy. it was insane...

here are photos of the day!
The runners (LTR): Kyle, me, Brad, & Janet
My running partner!
battle wounds : )

victory! water bottle!
Brad collecting bottles for his son Jonah's recycling program.

Commemorative photo : )

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  1. i love the first photo of the yellow crowd! great work on the 10k!!!