Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eritrean (Ethiopian-like) Coffee Ceremony

One of my roommates, Laura, has a friend, Mabrite, who is Eritrean. She invited us over for a Ertriean Coffee Ceremony. Eritrea is located near the horn of Africa on the Red Sea. Eritrea is between Ethiopia and the Red Sea, and some of the traditions are similar including the coffee ceremony for any who have undergone an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.
haha, I included this because i just look so bad! haha on the way to Mabrite's.
Mabrite roasting the coffee beans.

Basically she grinds the beans and pours the beans and hot water into the coffee kettle above and places it on the fire as well. Then it continues to boil and once it overflows you know it is ready. It is like an espresso and they put a lot of sugar in it, but it was very good.
Here is all of us (minus Laura taking the picture) with Mabrite and her housemates.
Roommate picture of Jen & I. Next to Christine's shop with the awesome canopy tree!

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