Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Amigo's International: Kira Farm Training Centre Opening....

On Saturday a group of us got the privilege to see a former EMI project's grand opening. Amigo's International Kira Farm Training Centre is near Gayaza. The Kira Farm Training Centre has a training facility to give the children a skill before they are sent out into the community and the site also incorporates agriculture to be able to feed the children' who are housed there. The ceremony was pretty much all afternoon with multiple speakers and performances throughout the afternoon.

Ugandan women in their traditional gomaz.
An insane performance of dancers! I could not move like that for that long!

Also Joss Stone somehow got involved with Amigos and officially opened the Kira Farm Training Centre. She also sang two verses for the people.

Great photo...

This is Esther who wanted a photo taken with us! We said we were just as much a celebrity as Joss Stone was. : )

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