Sunday, July 19, 2009

Packing Test 1

So i decided to do a trial run of how much stuff I will be bring to Uganda : ) This is test number 1! It's hard for me to judge everything since I'm still in Virginia and some of my stuff is still at home in the MN, but here is my trial run! I think I will be able to fit everything in my suitcase plus my carry-on, it doesn't seem to be too much. Things to still consider are ah,hem clothing options (yes there is more than 7 days worth of clothing here, but to image wearing one week's worth of clothing for 17 weeks is kinda hard to think of! so i'm sure i'll bring probably two weeks worth : ), all the rendering tools (color pencils, watercolors...trying to decide if these will be useful or not), and i still haven't shown household items i will be bringing including any food and coffee (french press is a need), etc. But so far looking good!


  1. oh the details!!! :) haha i remember trying to fit tons into my suitcases too :)

  2. i love it, i love it, i love it!!!

    ... it looks like a nightmare but I'm so glad it was documented on here! too funny.

  3. what a great blog! I look forward to following your adventures!
    I added a link to your blog from mine, let me know if that's okay.
    Best of luck, Melissa